September 26 2014, 7pm

Wow. My Information on my page is all kinds of fucked up.

My Instagram is mikeysbeeb now, in case anyone wants to follow me. It’s just selfies and guinea pigs, basically. Also, I wonder if  those craycrays are still stalking me. They got a little scared when she founds out I get the IP address of everyone that comes to my page. I just haven’t checked in a while. My laziness outweighs my curiosity so they can remain “anon” for now. I miss Tumblr. I should use it more. 

August 24 2014, 1am

im still exhausted from beating all the other sperms

(Source: suicide-scars)

May 11 2014, 7pm

Any Rainbow Loomers out there? Where do you buy your beads for eyes?

I’m trying to find where I can buy small beads online. I’d be using them for eyes so I’d like black, blue, brown, and green. I ordered two different sets already and one was too small and the other too big. The ones I’m seeing online all don’t look right. But that could just be the picture. 

Could someone send me the link to the beads they use? Thanks! 

April 29 2014, 11pm

I just want to marry Michael. Oh. My. God. Like right now. Not even kidding. I wish I could wake him up and just go to Vegas or something. Why isn’t life a movie? 

I’m listening to him snore while listening to love songs and just ugh.

April 27 2014, 11am


April 27th, 2009. :D 

Happy 5 years! 

April 22 2014, 8pm

*sigh* My college login info doesn’t work anymore. Now I really feel withdrawn. Being poor sucks. [According to IQ tests] I’m a genius, I get straight A’s without any effort, and I won’t go anywhere in life because I can’t afford college. Woo! -___-